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This Cat Was Banned From The Library On Campus And Lost His Privileges...But Gained Internet Fame!

Max loved the local campus library, and more importantly, he loved the people who gave him love and attention when he visited. Although he cannot read, he spent a great deal of time walking up and down the shelves of books…until he was kicked out!

Max was adopted by a professor at the college, and when his human would go to work each day, Max would wander the campus. He made a lot of friends and found a few favorite places to hang out. One day, he discovered the library and declared it his Favorite Place of All! The only problem? One of the library employees was severely allergic to cats!

Max was banned from the library at the same time that construction was started on campus, meaning that Max had to stay indoors. As more people saw Max looking out of his front window in sadness, people didn’t want to keep poor Max from his friends, too. One employee posted this notice for the times when Max escaped and tried to visit…and he went viral! People began trying to think of ways for Max to sneak in undetected:
His human made a compromise. To keep Max safe from the construction, keep him away from the library, but allow him to visit his friends, they would teach Max how to be on a leash!Max is not a fan of the leash…but it means that his fans can say hello to him everyday, and he can stay safe at the same time. What a cutie!

Credits: cool_cat_max_and_gracie

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