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To the Gentleman That Called Me a ******
To the gentleman that called me a faggot this weekend,
I have been trying to figure out what to say to you and I think I finally found the words. Yes, in your own words & terminology you called me gay. I am a gay man, but that isn’t all. Below is a picture of me. I’m 5’11”, roughly 170 pounds, have brown hair, blue eyes, and shoe size 11. I’m more on the masculine side until Beyoncé comes on and then I lose my shit. (Side note: It shouldn’t matter if I wasn’t masculine). I like to think I’m positive, outgoing, loving, caring, hardworking, but I’m also stubborn and brash at times. I’m a loving son who calls his mother almost daily. I’m a grandson, nephew, uncle, cousin, and brother. I’m an acquaintance, friend and sometimes a best friend. I will move mountains for about anyone who I come in contact with – like empty bank account, call off work, fly across the united states, just to make sure you’re okay, kind of person. I’m currently a Property Manager, but aspire to move upwards in my career. I work for an amazing company and I love what I do. I work a lot, sometimes exhaustively. I love to go out and I probably drink too much at times, but I take it as it comes. I love to be outdoors, but do not mind sitting inside and binge-watching Netflix for the day. I start books and read about halfway through them and forget about it only to come back months later and finish it. I want to write a book. I love coffee and mountain dew – I basically mix that shit together, but I’m trying to cut mountain dew out. I want to be healthy, but have no drive to go to the gym, but I’m working on that. I can’t wait to be a dad. I get overly excited for the smallest things and I cuss like a sailor. I think I’ve covered at least a portion of who I am. My question to you is: Do you relate to any of that? I would like to think there is a couple of things, and you want to know why? I’m a fucking human being. Just. Like. You. I hope one day you see that. We’re all just trying to live our lives day by day. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be tolerant. Love unconditionally. Please always remember the golden rule – Treat others how you would want to be treated.
Much Love,
The Faggot

Submitted by: Chase Schuldt
663 views Dec 5, 2017

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