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"Since the moment I saw Watson (English golden), I knew he was a special dog. He
"Since the moment I saw Watson (English golden), I knew he was a special dog. He was given to me as an emotional support dog. Two years ago, I was suffering from bad depression and had very low self-esteem. With Watson in my life, a lot has changed; he helped me find a purpose. I was enjoying taking photos of Watson, and he was too cute not to share with the world. So, I started to share his photos on Instagram. Then, Kiko came along (the red golden); he came to us when he was 4 years old. As it turned out, Kiko suffers from bad anxiety—and yes! Watson helped Kiko to improve, as well! Watson’s caring personality has helped us get through so much. Every time I’m feeling down, I have this beautiful soft white ball of fur next to me, giving kisses and hugs to make me feel better. Every time Kiko has an anxiety attack, there he is, ready to help him calm down.

When I adopted Harry, we were a little unsure about Watson and Kiko, but it didn’t take long for him to get use to them. Harry joins us on our adventures, and loves being with the dogs—he thinks he is one. He loves fetch, cuddles, and even water. He is an odd cat... and that’s what makes him perfect! My Instagram account now is about sharing happiness, love, compassion and even equality through photos of my three adorable furry friends: Watson, Kiko, and Harry the cat. I hope with our photos, we make people smile and feel the warmth and love only animals can provide."

Submitted by Wat.ki-Watson and Kiko
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