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This Girl Is Going to Change the World
So many people have contacted us about wanting to help Cyndell love on her friends from Brazil who have so much less than her! At first I didn’t want to do anything about it because it isn’t about us, but then I thought about all the kids people like you can help. In January our entire family will be heading to Brazil again and it would be so amazing for all of us to help Cyndell pass out little care packages. I figure, 10 dollars (which she is so excited about sharing) can at least purchase a tooth brush, tooth paste, some undies, a couple of pairs of socks and maybe a small toy (buying in bulk and bargain shopping) and for the babies (which Cyndell is partial to), we could buy a pack of diapers, wipes and a small blanket.
I made a little video to share in case someone wants to get their friends involved. We will gain nothing from this (except the pure joy out of bringing joy to others). We just want to help Cyndells idea of helping kids in Brazil.
We have a cash app account and our cash tag is $CyndellCares (https://cash.me/$CyndellCares)
I also signed up with a Venmo account as well. The tag there is @CyndellCares (www.venmo.com/CyndellCares.)
Or message me for an address or whatever.
*The video has Cyndells reaction when someone shares with her to help her dream!

Credits: Tandy Elness Grandstaff

Submitted by: Emily Patterson
897 views Dec 4, 2017

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