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He Was a Great Teacher and Advisor and Overall a Genuine Caring Person
"One of the coolest things happened in my Sociology lecture today, and it’s been on my heart to share it. A girl in my class had a babysitting issue and she had to bring her infant to class with her. The baby was being so good, and we were all smiling when she cooed or made cute baby noises. Then, while we were doing our activity she began to get a little fussy. Without any hesitation, my professor Dr. Rivers, jumped up and offered to take her on a ride. He walked up and down the hallway in front of our classroom for a combined time of probably 15 minutes, so the baby’s mama could do her work. Seriously, how caring is that? Professors at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College are one of a kind. He’s a Sociology teacher who truly loves his students. He’s accepting and caring; and has made me want to think more about others, and how we impact society. I’m very lucky to be a Stallion!"

Credits: Taylor Uliana
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Dec 2, 2017