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Her Heart Is as Beautiful as She Is on the Outside!
As I reflect on MAC nationals this past week, I realized something incredible about my daughter, Alyssa. Alyssa works extremely hard to prepare for pageantry. She takes each competition very seriously. If you aren’t involved in pageants, you just might be confused about what it is all about. I used to think it was about dresses, clothing, hair and makeup. I was incredibly wrong! 7 years ago, I actually told Alyssa after her first pageant that I didn’t want her to compete anymore. I didn’t think pageantry was going to support the values that I wanted to instill in my daughter. Boy was I wrong! Shortly after her first Pageant about 7 years ago, I noticed HUGE changes in my daughter’s character, personality and confidence. I recanted my decision and I asked her if she wanted to compete again realizing I had just discovered the true purpose of pageantry which is to become the best version of you. This was the beginning of her pageant journey. But what if I was wrong! What if there was a bigger purpose? I think I may have seen that on stage at MAC nationals! This weekend, in my opinion, Alyssa won the most coveted title in all pageantry. No one announced her name. There was no sash or crown. There was no picture taken for this title. During the final moments to be scored as the top 15 to narrow it down to top 5 and winner, the gal in front of Alyssa caught her dress on the stage. Instead of walking around her, standing to gain more time in front of the judges, or waiting for someone to help out, Alyssa bent down and tried to help this gal during her final moments of judging for the title. It wasn’t an easy task because she had a mermaid style dress on, the girls dress was really caught and Alyssa struggled for awhile never freeing it from the stage and she took a chance on losing points despite the hard work she had put in. Despite all of this, Alyssa knew it was the right thing to do. I know she had no regrets in doing this and I was incredibly proud of her for the choice she made. Alyssa, my darling, the National MAC crown and sash did not have your name on it this year but you have earned, in my opinion, an invisible crown that you will never have to give up or pass on to your successor. Perhaps being the best you is when your journey shows that your character is so strong that the crown is no longer needed because the invisible crown earned over time is always there! A crown that will never be taken off or passed on to a successor. It is a crown that will last a life time! It is a crown of character, inner beauty and poise when you chose kindness. I am so proud of the beautiful woman you have become! I love you kiddo!
Credits: Pam Coxson Senek
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