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Students surprise Volcano Vista HS teacher in midst of difficult situation
Teachers have a way of shaping the lives of future generations. Many people could probably say the name of an instructor who made a huge impact on them growing up.

At Volcano Vista High School, a group of students decided to show just their math teacher just how much he means to them in the midst of difficult times.

A few years ago, Nathan Neidigk’s wife passed away, and just recently, his 2-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia.
But every day Neidigk shows up to work – optimistic and ready to take on any challenge. It’s an attitude that his students say has rubbed off on them.

“Mr. Neidigk is, like, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had,” said Cory Dalton, a Volcano Vista student. "He’s just a straight up good guy.”

That caliber of influence the teacher has on his students is why they came together to give him a big surprise – a game console that he’d been talking to his students about getting.

Medical bills prevented him from being able to buy it. So his class got it for him.

“These guys are awesome,” Neidigk said. “I’m just incredibly overwhelmed with their generosity and support. It’s the guys and gals in my class that are the big reason that keeps me going during tough times.”

The 12th-grade class bought him a Nintendo Switch along with a few games – and also a giant card with a heartfelt message.

“You have been our guidance through this unknown land called calculus,” the card reads. “You are the strongest man we know! Everything will be OK.”

It’s a gesture that Neidigk said he will remember forever.

“Not just because it’s an awesome toy, but just kind of what it means, you know? Just how there’s this situation that’s very unfortunate and you see an opportunity to pull together,” he said.

It’s the same lesson his kids say they learn from him every day.

“He’s been a really good role model,” said Troy Sims, one of his students. “He’s handled a lot of diversity through his life and he still comes day-to-day…with a smile on his face.”
Credits: Rick Sherwood

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