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His Evil Scheme To Skip The Lines At Walmart Has Gone Viral, And Now It Might Not Work

In order to skip the lines during Black Friday, a nation-wide shopping extravaganza full of discounts and new products, people are eager to skip the lines (that can sometimes last hours!). Some people pay others to sit in their place in line – in some cases, hundreds of dollars – and others arrive a day in advance, even camping in actual tents to get the best savings.

But one man had a clever idea for people to skip those long, freezing lines: just be an employee for a few hours.

He listed his old vest from Walmart on Twitter for $100.The idea spread so fast that someone else decided to try and sell theirs, too! Complete with name tag and hat, all this could be a lucky someone’s for just a hundred bucks!Not to be outdone, a former manager listed his vest at $250, claiming that no one would question someone who walked around with product! A gutsy claim that many actual managers chimed in to say that, no, this was a terrible idea.Management meetings had already caught wind of the brazen attempt to skip the lines or move freely about the store and are telling employees to question people that they don’t recognize – and don’t listen to managers that they have never seen before!

The outrageous “hack” went viral…but now that it’s gotten so popular, their sneaky plan is foiled! It looks like people will be standing in line after all!

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