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Philadelphia Grandpa Gets His Dying Wish To Be Buried With His Favorite Thing: Cheesesteaks

The funeral of Richard Lussi was a memorable affair, and much to the surprise and amusement of mourners, he was buried with two delicious Philadelphia cheesesteaks from his favorite eatery.

They weren’t a standard type of cheesesteaks, though. These were his favorite sandwiches from Pat’s King of Steaks, a restaurant over two hours away from his home in Plains Township, Pennsylvania. The 76-year-old knew that they were the absolute best sandwiches, and it was his request to have them by his side in the end.
After he passed, his son and grandson made the two-and-a-half hour drive to Pat’s for a bite to eat. When they ordered two extra cheesesteaks To Go, the owner was flattered that his cheesesteaks were so delicious that people would want to take them into the afterlife!

Lussi had always had a bad heart, but he firmly believed that giving up a life of good food wouldn’t be a life worth living. To people who knew him well, they weren’t surprised when two cheesesteaks arrived in the coffin, but to others, it was a strange sight to see!

The funeral director advised the men not to put the sandwich in the coffin during the viewing…based on his experience, people might actually take them.


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