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Two Women Spotted This Mother Wrangling Two Young Kids When An Anonymous Officer Approaches Her

This unsuspecting officer from Georgia had no idea that he was being photographed, and for that reason, this story went viral overnight.

Two women were walking into a grocery store when a commotion caught their attention from across the parking lot: a mother was struggling to keep her screaming toddler nearby as she tried to carry her crying baby in a car seat. Before they could help, an officer got out of his patrol car and exchanged a few words that they couldn’t overhear. They watched as the officer took the boy’s hand and walked him into the store to give mom a break. He pulled a cart out for her to put the car seat into and bid her good day. They were touched, but the story wasn’t done. As they were waiting in line to check out, they noticed that same mom in line once again, and this time, her son had picked up a toy, asking if he could have it. The supermom looked sad and told him that they couldn’t get the toy…and he began to cry again. She was just trying to get through a simple errand, but her children were making it difficult.

Then out of nowhere, that same officer arrived and asked the boy if he’d like the toy. When the little boy nodded through his sobs, the officer offered to pay for the toy…and picked up the bill for the mom’s groceries!

He had no idea that those women had seen his actions that day, and when they sent their story to the police department, they identified him as Officer Matt Wilson, an officer on the force for over ten years. They agreed that he deserved every ounce of praise that he’d been receiving online as the anonymous officer who made a child’s day!


Credits:Madison Gail Obrien

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