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single mother of 7 takes in over 100 homeless veterans.
hi ellen my name is elle,i have tried to write to you about my mom.not sure if i got it right,or even if you or your staff ever got it.i drive my mom around a few towns over,she goes to the homeless shelter she is there at 6 a.m the people who run the place tell everyone out by 7 a.m,no coffee breakfast nothing.by now she knows over 200 people that are homeless.she started out about 5 years ago,to help the homeless vets and other homeless people.she takes two vets at a time gets them clean clothes from the salvation army,takes them to our house and feeds them,lets them take showers,shave.makes them feel good about them selfs.she makes phone calls to get them food stamps and if they are intitled for money.she also call the V.A and tries to get them V.A money.housing.health insurance.she is so special to alot of people.she will work with drug attacks if they are willing to get help and stay clean.she will get them jobs.she gives them canned food with can openers.she gets them housing.that is the worst part but she will fight with the owner of apartment buildings.if they have 1 apartment available,she will get 2 or 3 people in that apartment.she does cory checks.she is good at what she does.she has been voted and honored from the V.A.She does not want anyone to think she is better than anyone else.Now for the bad part,she has c.o.p.d.she has rented this 5 bedroom house for 15 years with 2 acres of land.she has cookouts every weekend for the people she helps and new people that she will get to know and help them with same as the rest of the homeless.Now after 15 years the landlord is selling.she is moving to Stoughton mass.there is no back yard,just a cement driveway for parking.all she talkes about is how she is gonna have cookouts for HER FRIENDS
ITS GOT 3 BEDROOMS 1 BATH.She will be moving in december 1st.she is so depressed the doc put her on prozac for depression.its not helping.she loves your show everyday at 3 p.m channel 5 in boston.she shuts her ringers off on the phones.if some1 calls it will show up on her t.v.if it is important she will answer it.if she not she wont answer it.but she will call you back if you leave a voice mail.she will be 61 years old december 24th 2017.ellen i am writing to you cause you make her day.she could sure use some money,i dont know how she does it.she receives 800.00 dollars a month.her rent is 243.00 a month for rent not counting lights, oil, food, cable, toiletries and clothes for the people she takes in to shower eat,talk to make phone calls to get them food stamps,money,anything they are entitled to.can you please surprize her,she doesnt want anything for herself,just help with her helping the homeless vets and homeless people that do want help.i sure hope you get the letter. im not sure if i am in the right place to be writing this.i sure hope you get this,can you please call 781 754 0401,until november 29,2017.after that the phone number will be 781 344 2051 18 water st stoughton mass.thank you for your time please help.or please write to 92 pleasant st hanson mass 02341.until nov 29 2017.my mail will not be forwardedthank you very much.Ellemarie Burke.my mom's name is florence burke.Nickname Cookie
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