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This boy was suspended from school. His mom wasn't about to give him a 3-day vacation.
"My son has been in trouble before. I have taken his phone and video games in the past. I've even had him working in our yard. But nothing was working, so I thought, 'What else can I do to get his attention?' 'How can I reach him at his level and get him to change his direction?' So, I thought, 'I'll put him on Shreveport buy, sell and trade. He can learn discipline and in turn, help others.' So, that's what I did. So far, he has helped a member of the elderly in her yard, and he's excited about feeding the homeless this coming Saturday. It has been a good learning experience because he is building good work skills, he's learning to help others, and to be respectful. He's also learning it's OK to make a bad decision, if you learn from it and make better choices. This has built his character, by making him more confident in helping others. As a single mother, it has been beyond encouraging to see his growth. I am so grateful." ❤️

Credits:Demetris Payne
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