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The Power of Yet Music Video
We often hear our kids say things like "I can't do this" "This doesn't make sense" and "I don't get it". This song teaches them to add the word YET at the end of those statements. There is power in the word YET. This song will provide the confidence that our kids need when dealing with a difficult problem and encourage them to persevere through any struggle they may encounter inside and outside the classroom. It's Unfortunate that many students go to school with an attitude that does not value effort over talent. For this reason I believe this song will be a gift to teachers and students around the world. It is a reminder, in an upbeat, lyrical form, of the research about the positivity of our thinking about challenges. This song is a life breathing reminder that when we embrace the "Power of Yet", amazing things are on the horizon!
1,793 views Nov 16, 2017
C.J. Luckey
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