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Desperate Mother Cat Leads Complete Stranger To A Manhole To SAVE Her Stranded Kitten!

A woman named Lisa was walking through the parking lot of her job when she was approached by a stray cat. It was strange behavior from an animal, let alone a stray cat, but the animal clearly seemed to be in some distress. The cat was meowing, looking back behind her, and trying her best to get Lisa to follow her. Lisa did – what’s the worst that would happen? – and was instantly glad that she’d followed the anxious cat. Lisa was led to a storm drain near the side of the building and heard the distinct cry of a small kitten in trouble!

Lisa knew that she wasn’t equipped to go on a kitten-rescue mission and called her local shelter for help.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue arrived to help. Led by Missy, they tied a scarf to a 7-foot pole and soaked it in tuna juice hoping that the kitten would climb out of the manhole on its own. After waiting overnight, the kitten hadn’t made an appearance, so Missy called for backup.

Stacy from Meow Mission responded and decided to climb into the murky water at the bottom of the manhole to see what was happening.

The mother cat had led them to her second kitten that had been hiding in the bushes nearby. The kitten was very frightened of humans, so Stacy assumed that the feral kitten in the pipes must have been equally terrified. They lowered a cat trap near the end of the dark pipe and waited, playing a recording of the kitten’s mother calling out to it. They heard the cries of the kitten growing closer, and eventually, the glorious snap! of the trap! The kitten was saved!After 48 hours in the cold, damp pipes without food, they were ecstatic to find the kitten ready to start a new life and wait for a forever home! Little Piper is a survivor, and thanks to a woman named Lisa, has a new shot at life.

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Carriemomoffive 370 points
I know Missy from Here Kitty Kitty Rescue! And Stacy from Meow Mission! It doesn't surprise me one bit that these women immediately responded to Lisa's call to help a mama cat and her kitten in need! These women are incredibly dedicated to saving the stray cats and kittens in our community! They often work seven days a week, more than eight hours a day, all to care for cats who need help and an opportunity to have a loving home. In addition, they are extremely welcoming to my 13-year-old daughter (who has special needs) who volunteers at Here Kitty Kitty Rescue! Missy, Stacy, and Jen (not pictured) work tirelessly for the cats in our community, and they have hearts of gold! (Plus we got our cat, Mozart, from Here Kitty Kitty Rescue. He is one of the cats saved by these wonderful women. And he is a massively lovey cat! The best! :) <3 )
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Nov 16, 2017
Awesomejedidude 220 points
I LOVE that they played a recording of the mama cat calling to the kitten! Brilliant!
+3 votes
Nov 16, 2017
Karlalee67 210 points
I honestly don't know how these ladies do all they do. I follow their story daily and am in awe of all they do. Ive seen them stay at a location for hours just to save a kitty. What a bunch of wonderful loving people they all are!
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Nov 16, 2017
TracyLou 240 points
I too have been amazed at the dedication that these ladies always show for these animals. They do work multiple hours every single day of the week giving love, care and treatment to every animal in their rescue. I have adopted four cats from them this year. I have been amazed at how wonderfully these kitties have adjusted to their new home. I try to help Here Kitty Kitty Rescue when I ca. They do have some several amazing volunteers that help them. My dream would be for them to get some financial support so that they don’t have to work for the rescue for free and then work other jobs just to pay their own bills and then turn around and dedicate their own personal money to the rescue. They don’t hesitate to answer the call for help when they are able. They never turn animals away just because they’re a hard case.
+3 votes
Nov 16, 2017
aol.com 140 points
I know these Sweet Ladies , they are dedicated , compassionate  and have Hearts of Love for all there Momma Cats  , Daddy Cats and baby kittens , they rescue and protect and care deeply for all animals in distress ,  They have a Barn Sale twice a year of all donated articlesof everything to help raise money to make sure that all the animals are fed , medically  looked after and they of course have to have playtoys . :)
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Nov 17, 2017
JenNash 160 points
Jen from Here Kitty Kitty helped rescue kittens two years ago from a drain pipe under a road that my daughter had spotted when she was leaving work. She trapped the mom and then worked all night to get the last 2 kittens out of the pipe. There were 5 babies and I ended up adopting two of them. I love my girls and thank Here Kitty Kitty for saving them that cold April night.
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Nov 18, 2017