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Artist's Christmas Card Design BANNED By Facebook For Being "Too ******" And She Can't Stop Laughing

Artists have been using Facebook to share and sell their artwork for years, but Facebook has a few guidelines that people have to abide by in order to sell their work. When something doesn’t follow the rules, it ends up getting banned…but an artist by the name of Jackie Charly was brought to tears (of laughter, probably) when her Christmas card design was banned for being “too sexual” and “adult in nature.”

Feast your eyes upon the explicit piece of art:

It looks like we didn’t approve your item because we don’t allow the sale of adult items or services (e.g. sexual enhancement items or adult videos).” The reason for the ban was baffling.

What in the world was sexually explicit about a cute little bird? She thought that perhaps it had been something to do with the type of bird, a Redbreasted Robin, but that was a stretch as she hadn’t actually included any descriptions when she had tried to upload the image. Somehow, Facebook’s algorithm had made a mistake.

A hilarious mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.

With all of the media surrounding the silly ban, Facebook was quick to un-ban the innocent painting…but not before Charly made viral headlines with her adorable collection!

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