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Let's Support Mothers Instead of Judge Them.
“Her mom walked past me in the airport.
She seemed young and troubled, my gut instantly hurt, I could feel something was off, this woman was struggling.”

Sheleana Aiyana posted this a few months ago.
I think it’s a perfect Sunday morning story.
Here’s what she wrote about her flight with a young mom in need of a helping hand:

I sat down in my seat, ears distance from the mother.
She laid down and fell asleep.
And soon this baby girl was making a lot of noise.
My heart began to beat faster.
Finally, the baby didn't stop and the young woman next to me looked at me and said "what should we do?"

So I got up and tried to wake the mama but she didn't budge.
I shook her gently and said hello, but she must have been exhausted.

I sat next to the baby instead and rocked her in her carrier, eye gazing with her until she went quiet.
She threw up on herself and I cleaned her up and then went back to my seat.

When mama woke up, I went to chat with her as I often do with new moms. I told her I was here to help for the next hour or two while we waited.

She told me she was traveling home to Halifax.
“I realized I really need help" she said.

“Yes, you've got a big job”, I said.
“Can I hold her?”

She handed her to me and we got acquainted.
She told me she was 23 and the father was in prison.
She said:
“I had no idea what to expect or that it would be this hard.”

Our flight was badly delayed and so I told her to rest, she laid down and slept.
When we boarded the plane and we took our seats I wrote my number down and gave it to her.

She said:
“I wish you could sit with us.”

The flight attendant moved me and I snuggled this little gem for the whole flight while mama slept.
I rocked her in and out of sleep.

A wonderful mother of 3 sat across from us.
We talked and supported the mother.

Since the flights were late, we teamed up and carried all her things and I had her baby all the way to another gate.
The mother hugged me tightly and thanked me.

So many people along the way thanked me for helping the mom.
They told me how beautiful it was.

All I could say was I hope more of us come together as a community when mamas or little humans need our help.
Let's bring the village back.

This woman was so young.
So not ready, and she knew it.
She asked me for very basic guidance in caring for her baby.

Mothers have the biggest impact on their daughters, and those of us in a position to lead and support healing need to step up to help break old cycles and raise a new generation of children who truly learn what it means to give and receive love.

Let's support mothers instead of judge them.
Let’s lend a hand and offer guidance when we're invited.
Let’s keep our hearts open when we see another struggling.

Credits: Sheleana Aiyana
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