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My brother who has terminal cancer
I’ve had multiple people telling me I should send Ellen my FB post... so here it is ❤️. Friends and family... I’m asking for your help! As you know my brother was given 3-10 months to live 2 years ago! He has beaten those odds and also will be turning 40 on November 22nd! He wanted more than anything to celebrate his 40th birthday! So we have two HUGE milestones to celebrate. So we really wanted to have a big party with around 100 people. That being said we knew it would be out of our price range. So Ryan decided that he would use this Dream Foundation organization that is like Make a wish, but for adults. He filled out the paper work months ago. They kept on requesting more info from Ryan and his Dr, but we waited patiently holding out hope that they would come through. As you know Ryan is pretty simple and just wanted to have a party where everyone could have fun. We looked into renting out part of Camelot or a hall with a awesome 80’s band and video games, something along those lines. So earlier this week the Dream Foundation contacted Ryan and his wife Jenn. They pretty much offered a party in a park with a bounce house. Now we all know Ryan is a big kid, but it’s not what we were thinking. So we have been scrambling trying to pull something off. Setting up a fund account even asking for donations. I did send this Foundation a message, we aren’t greedy or ungrateful but we were disappointed that they couldn’t assist more. They have assigned Ryan’s case to a new coordinator and we are hoping they can hopefully help a little more. But it still didn’t sound promising. With all that said we feel like we don’t want to just sit here and do nothing! Ryan deserves a decent celebration. So I’m asking if anyone knows of a place, venue, banquet room or any possible hookups? Maybe you know Mike Trout and he would like to visit Ryan? (Kidding...sorta) please let me know if anyone has a great idea or can think of a place. Much love in advance!!
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