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Deaf musician is changing the world for the deaf/HOH community
Emma Faye Rudkin is a deaf person living in a hearing world. In this segment, Emma Faye who is a deaf musician and speaker, was able to share her journey about her non-profit Aid the Silent, Good Vibrations Music & Arts Festival and her collaboration with musician Ryan Proudfoot on the soundtrack for LOVE HEARS: The Documentary. The journey has not always been easy but now living out redemption, you can see the "why" in her story. “I lost my hearing at 3 years old to a severe-profound level of deafness. Deafness has made me who I am but it does not define me. This world without sounds has shaped and molded me to not let what people call a “disability” hold me back from any God-given abilities. We are given the power through Jesus to turn a disability into an ability. I so desperately want not only the deaf, but anyone who feels held back by their circumstances or story, to know that they can overcome. I dream for people to know that their stories are beautiful and for the deaf to become all that they were made to be. Good and beautiful things can rise from the ashes.” –Emma Faye Rudkin
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