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This is Max.
This is Max.
He’s a 12 year old Husky
And next to him is Quackers.
He’s a 4 year old duck.
And they are best friends.

They do everything together.
They eat together.
They sleep together.
And they hang out together all day.

They live in the small town of Stout, Minnesota with the Riley family.

The Riley’s used to own another dog named Sasha.
She and Max were best friends.
But when Sasha died Max got lonely.
So the Riley’s adopted Quackers.

And that’s how it started.
Patrick Riley says:

“He was without any friends, and so Max would sit next to his pen all the time and I think they just kind of bonded that way.
After we let him out, they just never left each other’s sides.”

Now they spend a lot of time walking on the road in front of their home.
And people love seeing them.

A neighbor says:
“We see people stopping over there all the time.
The traffic gets clogged up over there sometimes because of all the pictures getting taken.”

I can just imagine.
If I saw them I’d sure pull over.

So if you’re ever in Stout, Minnesota keep an eye out for Max and Quackers.


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