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This Kind of People Makes the World a Better Place
So here is the story.... a customer called me after the fires and during the conversation she told me how she lost items she couldn’t replace. I asked her what they were. She told me her older brother was killed during the Vietnam war and that she had a wall dedicated to him but was unable to save anything on it. She was crying nonstop the whole time she was explaining it to me. I just launched a new program at work called The Hero Program, Helping First Responders and military personnel purchase vehicles. However I wanted to take the program to another level. So with help from SGT J. Pitera of the US Army we were able to reorder all the medals and recreate her brothers lost shadow box. Her fathers flag was also burned so we got a new one reissued.. the reason I am posting this is to spread the word to other fire victims that they can reach out to me if they lost military medals of loved ones and I will do anything I can to help get them the replacements. Thank you for all the kind words so far but all I did was be human... and if we all did this the world would be a better place.. love you all

Credits: Beejan Roohian

Submitted by: Charlotte Ussery
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