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4-year-old Best Friends Insist They’re Twins Because They 'Have the Same Birthday'
"My sister and her best friend think they’re twins because they have the same birthday and this was the outcome. They met at school and have been attached to the hip ever since. They go to plays together, carnivals, parties, etc. They are actually two days apart but share their birthday party, hence, why they believe they're twins. They were standing in line for face paint at a birthday party when they overheard two girls in front of them say they were sisters. So Zuri and Jia decided to join in and tell the girls that they were twins. However, the response they got was a little harsh as the girls told them they couldn’t be twins because they weren’t the same skin color. Jia began crying immediately but that didn’t stop her from saying 'We are twins because we have the same birthday and share the same soul!' Leaving everyone at the party speechless with no one else questioning Zuri and Jia’s sisterhood/ 'twin' ship."

Submitted by Victoria Williams

Photo Credit: Valencia Copeland & Ashley Riggs Sarnicola
765 views Nov 10, 2017

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