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Two Sisters Share The Abrupt End To Their Argument In One Hilarious Conversation

Trinity and Jordan are two sisters from Arizona, and after a heated argument about respecting their personal items, shared the exchange online to highlight what it was really like to have a sister. The fight started when one sister wanted to borrow an item…and the other claimed that it had already vanished because someone had already taken it without permission.

This led to a barrage of “you took my makeup” and “you took my favorite shirt” messages that escalated so quickly, the messages ended up being expressed completely in capslock…

But it ended as quickly as it started with one hilarious question:In the end, family is family. Even if they fight and bicker, they are there for each other when it matters…or when they don’t want to go to the movies alone!But they weren’t alone. Dozens of siblings related to the post, and it went viral in just a few hours! It turns out that most siblings have arguments exactly like this at least once a month, and they all felt the sisters’ frustrations!

Their mother responded that the two girls and their younger sister could easily be described as “frenemies.”

Hey, at least they resolved it in the end!

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