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She Wanted Terry Crews To Help Her Save Money, But The Bank Said"No!" She Went Above Their Heads!

More and more banks are letting people print off customized debit cards with pictures of their loved ones, pets, or random things they enjoy looking at, but one thing they usually don’t allow is copyrighted images. One woman decided to utilize the stern, disapproving face of Terry Crews to dissuade her from spending too much money…but the bank rejected her request because the image wasn’t hers.

She tried to use this picture of Terry Crews, who played the character Julius Rock from the television show Everybody Hates Chris, a man who was extremely frugal. With his face staring at her when she tried to make a purchase, she figured that she would probably spend less so as not to disappoint him. She reached out for help! In order to use his face, she would need written permission from the actor himself, otherwise the bank would never approve the card…

She begged people to help her reach out for a response from the man…and he heard her plea to save cash!

I approve. Signed, Terry Crews,” he wrote.

She submitted everything to her bank, and hopefully her awesome new debit card will help her to save money!

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