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Bullies Plaster Hateful Messages All Over Car Parked in Handicap Spot—Then the Driver Responds With This
They say never judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. In our humanness, we can often be quick to jump to conclusions or make assumptions about someone we know nothing about.

Lexi Baskin knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of that unwarranted judgment.

The pharmaceutical major parked her car in a handicapped parking spot on campus last Friday at the University of Kentucky. When she returned, she was shocked to find hate and judgment plastered all over her red Jeep Liberty.

People—strangers, who know nothing about Lexi or her journey—thought it suitable to cover her vehicle in heinous notes, accusing her of using a fake or stolen disability placard displayed in her front window.

One of the notes read:

There are legit handicapped people who need this parking space. We have seen you and your friend come and go and there is nothing handicapped about either of you. Your tag must be borrowed or fake. We will make every effort to see you fined or towed for being such a selfish, terrible person.

A selfish, terrible person she is not. But a cancer patient? That she is.

Lexi posted photos of her car on Facebook with a message to others about condemning people they know nothing about.

“Just a gentle reminder that you have no idea what is going on in other people’s lives. Just because you can’t physically observe something does not mean that a person is not feeling it. Just because I look fine in the 2 minutes I walk from my car to the building does not mean I am not battling cancer and undergoing radiation treatment.”

Lexi says she didn’t post the photos seeking sympathy, but rather with the hope of reminding others that every person we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about.

“Be kind to people. Make people cry tears of joy, and not frustration or sadness. Love one another. I will choose to love this person and pray for them. I hope that the darkness in their heart is replaced with unconditional love and happiness.”

What Lexi did in response to the hate that was wrongfully bestowed upon her is a shining example of the love of Jesus Christ.

May it be a reminder today to be kind to one another.
Credits: Lexi Baskin
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