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This Little Girl Have Everything to Be a Real Police Girl With a Police Dog
Getting ready for Halloween this year we searched Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon for the perfect "police girl with the police dog" costume. There were several cute little girly police dresses to choose from. My conversation with Evan went like this:
Me "I think it's going to be cold on Halloween. Do you think you'll be too cold in this dress?"
Evan "yeah! We should probably get pants because you know...REAL Police Girls don't wear dresses anyway."
Me (feeling a bit embarrassed) "you're exactly right Evan"
I felt a bit embarrassed that I was going to get the girls police dresses to wear. Search the internet for the costume and you'll find mostly boys costumes and then dresses for the girls followed by the sexy police costume for ladies. Starting all the way down to oir tiniest with size 2T! Why? Why should our girls be expected to wear dresses if they want to be a "police girl with the police dog"?! What are we teaching them? Why should I put my baby girls in a police girl DRESS? Is it so they will know what is expected of them when they are older? That to be a "girl" or a "lady" you need to wear a dress and be sexy!?
And so begins the homemade Halloween costume project. I couldn't be more excited to see Evan, Amelia, and Logan in their "uniforms". This may be my favorite costume yet!!
Evan has always been known by people around us as ROUGH, AGGRESSIVE, HANDFUL, WILD, and LOUD. One of The pediatricians I work closely with once told me "don't ever let anyone make her feel bad for being strong and smart".
She is absolutely right. Other words also used to describe Evan would be "SMART, STRONG, INTENSE, FUNNY, BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL."
Just maybe our "little warrior" has what it takes to be a "real police girl with a police dog" one day!!

Submitted by: Lezlie Morrison Melton
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