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"No one knew what my son was for Halloween and he didn’t care.
"No one knew what my son was for Halloween and he didn’t care.

He had a hard time picking out a costume this year. We walked out of two Halloween stores empty handed, he didn’t wanna be any of the characters.

Finally, Sunday night, I just told him to pick his FAVORITE HERO and I’d make the costume the next day. His eyes lit up and he yelled, 'Dad!'

His dad, Michael, came home from work that night and sat on the hearth of the brick fireplace to not get grease on the couch. Nathan (6 years old) flew down the stairs and sat eagerly next to him and said , 'Guess who I’m going to be for Halloween?'


'My hero!'


'No! YOU!'

Michael looked at me smiling at him and put his hands over his face, overwhelmed by the surprise of Nathan’s affections after a long day of work.
There’s no love quite like a father’s love for his son, and nothing compares to that love returned.

His dad works long hours and rarely gets a day off. He’s not a lawyer or a doctor, as I’m sure you all can tell already. He runs a kitchen in a restaurant and comes home greasy, stinky, and exhausted every night. He works really hard to take care of his family. But he’s damn proud of his son, and it was obvious when my son rang every door bell and shouted 'TRICK OR TREAT - I’M MY DAD!' to strangers all night that he’s really proud of his dad too!"

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