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Can You Spot The Second Kid In This Picture? Yes, There Are Two!

On October 31st, millions of kids dressed up in costumes and hit the streets on a quest for delicious treats from their neighbors. They chose super heroes, book characters, and just about anything that took their fancy…but for two brothers, they decided that for Halloween, they would be something they weren’t! They posed for this awesome picture, and dad put it online for a bit of spooky fun. Little did he know, the picture would go viral overnight simply for being too awesome!

People were tickled at the brothers’ antics and quickly shared the picture with all of their friends.While both boys wanted to be able to photobomb their friends’ pictures, they had completely different ways of going about it! They took advantage of their neighbor’s extra spooky Halloween setup and posed for a few pictures to show off their clever outfits.

The ironic part is that “Jason” is the sweetest kid and an over achiever, and “Waldo” got sent to the office 3 times last week for fighting. And they picked the costumes themselves.” Dad explained.

The pair might have a hard time topping this viral picture next year, but they sure are going to try!

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