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This morning I posted the longest shot ever.
Hoping for a miracle.”

Gina Stahl-Haven posted this.
It’s a pretty cool story.
Here’s what she wrote:

My friends lost their home in the Tubbs Fire.
They left with their pajamas on and nothing else.

Their 12 year old son (who struggles with emotional issues) lost his beloved bunny.

His security blanket that he's had for his whole life.
He's been distraught.

He goes to bed each night asking his mom if he'll ever see his bunny again.

We scoured the internet, eBay, and even wrote to Gerber with no luck.

This morning I posted a picture of the bunny on the Novato in the Know Facebook page praying for a miracle.

Within 30 minutes i received multiple responses and Brigit Fitting Nevin had the exact bunny.

I cried the whole way to her house to pick it up.

When I texted my friend to tell her, these were her words "Gina, I would burn everything all over again just to run back and grab his bunny.”

“It's his security blanket.
His safety in the worst of times and it's gone..but now...it is found. “

“It's a miracle bigger than you know.
I have prayed every night and searched everyday even to find a tuck of the fabric to give to him.
I can't stop crying."

And neither can I.
Brigit, you and I are strangers, but your kindness has dramatically affected my friends’ life!
Thank you.

And thank you, Novato, I love you.
Bless you.

—�Gina Stahl-Haven

Thanks to Sue Counselman for telling me about this story.

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