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This Deer Was Trapped In A Trick-or-Treat Bucket, Starving To Death. Neighbors Spent DAYS Trying To Save It!

In one Ohio neighborhood, neighbors banded together with one goal: to save a deer from starving to death.

The deer was noticed a few days before Halloween thanks in part to the bright orange pumpkin bucket strapped onto its head. It must have been out investigating the strange object when the animal somehow ended up getting wedged inside of it. It could barely see around the plastic bucket and had the most difficult time navigating its way around the forest.

People began contacting local animal volunteer organizations to ask how they could help, and while professionals warned them to leave the deer rescue to people with more experience, the neighborhood wasn’t waiting around. Armed with catch poles and optimism, once they spotted the deer and had several others joining them, they began to follow the deer up and down the hills around the area.
Eventually, they were able to circle the deer, giving it nowhere left to go. This is a very dangerous thing to do, and while it could have ended with several people injured, one brave man was familiar with wild creatures and managed to put the deer into a headlock.

With the deer immobile, he broke the strap holding the bucket on its head and the deer ran free…But only about 30 feet away to the nearest stream! It began to drink furiously and graze as fast as it could. In total, the deer hadn’t been able to eat or drink for what they guess was about four days!

Thanks to the actions of these determined folks, the deer is free again!

Credits: Ask Sherman

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