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Creative Dad Made a Perfect Diy Groot and Rocket 'guardians of the Galaxy' Costume for Halloween
"My daughter loves Guardians of the Galaxy! We saw the live action Beauty and the Beast as her first theater movie and she saw Baby Groot in a preview. I decided to show her the first one at home so she would have some frame of reference to the second one we saw in the theater and she just fell in love with all the characters especially Groot and Rocket. I work as a 3D draftsman and my wife is a 4th grade teacher. We have been married 9 years. We became a trio in 2014 with the birth of my daughter and while we have always enjoyed Halloween she has inspired us to take it to the next level. My daughter really enjoys doing crafts; sitting with my wife while she sews or tinkering in the shop with me. The costume thing has become a family effort involving about half the year.

By her birthday in May she was already telling us she wanted to be Rocket for Halloween. I tried suggesting I be Star-Lord but she insisted that I be Groot because he is Rocket's best friend! Once that was established I started on the costume in mid-July and must have logged about 302 hours on it. When my daughter turned 1, I sold my project car and took the money to convert my backyard shop into a place where we could spend hours together making anything we could dream up. So it's not just Halloween, for us it's all year long. I am doing the best I can to provide a safe and well stocked shop for her to continue to explore her artistic talents while also enjoying testing the limits of mine. My wife is doing much the same with one of the spare bedrooms as a craft and sewing room because art is so important to us and making things for yourself gives you pride and actual skills for the workplace and we are hoping to pass as much of that as we can on to her. Her initial reaction when I first showed her was during a test run when it was not complete but she just kept hugging my leg and running around excited."

Credits: Tim Burket
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