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Adopted daughter finds father (and granddaughter). Amazing story
My friend of 9 years, his name is Maceo, is an amazing person. I moved to Utah from NJ in 2009 and met him soon after. Ever since I’ve known him he’s always talked about how he’s always wanted a child. Any baby or young child he came across, no matter where we were or what we were doing, he would always focus on that child and attempt to have some sort of interaction with them. Fast forward to 2017. He finds out that he is a father. Unbeknownst to him all these years. Her name is Melissa. She was adopted by a loving family when she was a baby. And through the adoption agency and with the encouragement of her parents (plus another crazy twist of fate) she saught out to find her biological parents. And through what I can only describe as fate, they found each other. But as if that wasn’t incredible enough, he finds out that not only is he a Father but also a Grandfather. They’ve been living only 10 mins away the entire time. They’ve been inseparable ever since meeting. And I, as an outsider to a certain extent, see this as meant to be. A man who has lived his life wanting a child. A girl, now a young woman, wanting her father. And a newborn who now has her grandfather. We are all connected and things happen the way they happen for a reason no matter how much we can’t understand them at the time. (I’ve left out a lot that will add to this incredible twist of fate)
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