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Bus Cat Greets Everyone Who Sits At This Bus Stop In Hopes Of Cuddles And Treats

A man was at his regular bus stop on his way to work when he was interrupted from his thoughts by this curious cat.

Say hello to Bus Cat!The little white paws reached up onto his arm and demanded attention, focusing on him with those big yellow eyes that were excited to see a new friend! The cat lives nearby and never misses a chance to greet the people who come to wait at “his” bus stop.

The adorable tuxedo kitty gets excited when he sees people waiting at the stop, and neighbors in the area all know that this little guy isn’t shy when it comes to asking for attention, cuddles, ear scratches, and treats!Bus Cat waits with the humans he meets until their bus arrives, making sure that they don’t have to wait alone before hurrying back home! People wanted to know if he found a collar on the cat or if it was a stray, but everyone in the area knows that Bus Cat is super friendly and just likes to make friends!

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