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100-Year-Old Grandmother Gives Life Advice From Her Home Across The Country

Eileen Wilkinson has 10 decades under her belt, and thanks to her grandson, is sharing her life experiences in the form of advice to complete strangers across the globe.

Her grandson is a social media professor and knows just how far her motivational words can go on the right platform. When she isn’t chatting with random people on the streets of New York City via a laptop on the sidewalk, she spends her time hosting live streams and chatting with people online. All of this is done from the comfort of her home in Washington state, and she couldn’t be happier about it.

You can be anything you want,” she says.

She’s happy to talk, she’s happy to listen, and she’s happy to hard truths if she needs to.

Don’t complain about anything, do something about it,” she says.

From children to the elderly, she is eager to share her experiences with anyone who is willing to listen. 

She talks about a wide range of topics, too. School, grades, dating, life, marriage, politics, family, and everything in between, Grandma Eileen is happy to share what she knows with the world.

Seeing the world shift and change over the course of 100 years is a rare thing, and people are cherishing the chance to see her point of view thanks to social media!

Images via, Grandma Eileen

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