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My daughter was asked
My daughter was asked
"When are you going to kill yourself"

This is Mallory Grossman.
And this picture was taken four months ago on a Sunday.
Four days later Mallory took her own life.
She was 12 years old.

Mallory’s mom says that she was bullied over and over by other students, especially on social media.

I posted about Mallory last week.
Afterward I got a message from her mom that I wanted to pass along.

Here’s what she wrote me:

My Mallory has been gone 4 months.
I refuse to be quiet..

I want Mothers and fathers to feel what we feel, to empower them to speak up.

My daughter was asked
"When are you going to kill yourself"

This kind of hate is unacceptable.
I refuse to sit back, and be quiet.

Suicide among children is on the rise.
Staggering numbers..
#1 killer for 10-15 year olds.
That's should scare every parent.

I'm heart broken...
And parents need to understand how serious this is.

This was Mallory the weekend before.

She was happy and full of life.
She died that Wednesday.
Our family is shattered.

Mallory looks like the everyday kid.
An all American little girl.
One we all hope our children want to be.
But hate literally destroyed her.

Our tragic story can be used to save others.
We just need the ability to do so..
So we push everyday...

Thank you again, for helping us.
For giving us a voice.

We appreciate it.
Mallory's mom.


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