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Mom Takes Their Dog To The Groomer...And They Clearly Misunderstood What She Wanted!

When Lindsay realized what her mother had done to the family dog, she couldn’t contain her shock. She had to share it on Twitter…where it instantly went viral for the most hilarious reason!

We’ve seen a fair amount of pets with unfortunate haircuts, but this one just beats them all by a mile. According to Lindsay, her mother wanted to keep their dog’s hair “long on the top.”

Their dog was happy, healthy, and apparently in need of a hair cut. The thick, curly coat was a striking and distinctive feature, but when mom took their pups to get groomed, she told the groomer to “keep a little length on the top.” While to most people would interpret that to mean to keep a few centimeters of hair along the pup’s back…this particular groomer thought she meant something very different! When they picked their pooch up from the groomer’s, they were stunned. This wasn’t what she had meant at all…but it was growing on her! Their beloved dog was now sporting an early-2000’s hairstyle that many a boy band member would have envied. A few days later, mom still hadn’t gotten it cut. It was a little more than adorable! Lindsay was not impressed, but the adorable dog didn’t seem to mind the extra bouffant on top!

It was adorable.

Credits: Lindsay Martin

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