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Couple Surprises Family And Friends By Adopting 4 Orphans And Films Their Amazing Reactions

"In the Fall of 2016, we were so smitten by a picture of a brother and sister that were part of a hosting program. Hosting is typically a five week period of time in the summer and during Christmas where orphans from different countries come to America to experience life in a family - many of which find their forever homes during their stay. After talking to the hosting organization, we found out that they had two younger brothers. We had to pray about hosting four siblings for many reasons, but after praying we felt so excited, and peace flooded our hearts. We knew that it would be an adventurous journey! We spent five weeks during Christmas of 2016 learning their personalities and falling in love with their individuality and their bond with each other. After seeing the kids off at the airport as they headed back to Eastern Europe, we instantly noticed how quiet our lives were once again. We found ourselves missing the sounds of giggling, broken English, and remote control cars racing through the house. These sounds filled our home with so much life for those few weeks.

The following weeks were filled with tears and the following months with prayers. We missed them so deeply, but the thought of adopting four children is nothing to be taken lightly. Over the past few months we have announced to our family and friends we are adopting all FOUR siblings! Here are some of their reactions."

Credits: Tammy Shay Waltz
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Beautiful!  God Bless***
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Oct 30, 2017