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Dad Posts Hilarious Selfie Online To Shame His Son After Finding THIS In His Local Liquor Store

Wade Grundmeyer was proud of his son. It was the young man’s 20th birthday, and Grundmeyer had just posted a picture on Twitter to share the happy moment with his friends and followers. Your son only turns 20 once, so he wanted to make sure it was remembered…but later that day, he went out to make a purchase at a liquor store and made a shocking discovery!

Just behind the counter, posted on the “Wall of Shame” was a picture of his son on a fake ID. The shop liked to confiscate fake IDs and display them to warn off any kids that might think purchasing alcohol while underage is a good idea.

What dad saw it, he couldn’t help himself. He had to take a selfie. 

That Proud Dad Moment when you go to the Liquor Store and Find Your Sons Confiscated Fake ID Displayed on the Wall of Shame” he wrote.

The ironic post, just hours after the first in which he was also proud, quickly went viral. Oops!

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