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The Extraordinarily Powerful Message Every Parent Should Read
This is Mallory Grossman.
Last month Mallory committed suicide.
She was 12 years old.

Her mom posted something that I believe is important for every parent to read.
It's about the danger of social media.
And how what you say on social media isn't a joke.
It can have very serious consequences.

Here's what Mallory's mom wrote:

Moms, (and Dads)

After months of bullying at school, my daughter ended her life of June 14, 2017.

I've chosen to speak out about this.
And I need your help.
We must manage, oversee, and parent our children's social media use.

Yes, you all suffer from "not my child syndrome" ...

Humiliation, Exclusion, and intimidation IS BULLYING!
The "you can't sit with us" was only funny in a movie, not in real life, and certainly not for Mallory.

Her life in 6th grade, was horrible.

We did our best, didn't allow her to have access to Snap Chat, limited her time, online...

Still her bully's found access to her... it was their mission...
Now they have tears of getting caught... they don't shed the same tears we do... her family.

Suicide is now an option.

Children 10-15, it's the 2nd leading cause of death... that's right! #2.

Your child is more likely to DIE by their own hands, as a result of social media cyber bullying, than get cancer or in a car accident.

This drive to "one up" someone... exclude them, make fun of ... has to end with you.
The parents...

Your JOB as a parent is to teach them, there is always someone better than you, and less fortunate..

My daughter Mallory was full of life, she was a cheerleader, good student, well liked by her inner circle, gymnast, sister, daughter, granddaughter.. and was hated in the halls of middle school.

The target placed on her back, lead directly to her heart.

It's my mission to educate and create legislation that will hold your children accountable for what they post online.

The laws to force social media parenting are coming ...
Start now before you wear my shoes...
--Diane Grossman
Credits: Mallory's Army

There are a lot of good things about social media.
But there's also a really ugly side.

Honestly it's amazing the things people say and do on social media.

And as I said at the top, sometimes those things can lead to very serious consequences.

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ThePaisleyApple 160 points
I've just learned of this ADORABLE, SMART, and TALENTED young lady's death...and I am SICK about it!  My first reaction, without even knowing anything about these other girls, is that they were clearly JEALOUS of Mallory!  As a mother of four (4) kids and a school teacher, I feel strongly about helping all parents... voice loudly, stand firmly, and push hard for their child when they suspect any type of bullying!  Do NOT ever try to downplay it, brush it under a rug, tell your child to ignore it, etc. Bullying is REAL, occurs frequently, and is not only hurtful, terrifying, hateful but is abuse and NOT O.K.!  All schools need to implement a "NO PHONE ZONE"!  Phones are NOT needed in any school setting by anyone.  If someone thinks that students need them for math, try using a calculator.  If a parent thinks they need to be able to reach their child during the day, contact the school office.  If someone thinks that students need them for assessment or game apps, let the schools provide the needed technology.  Schools can block all social media sites to prevent students from accessing them while using school technology.  I am tired of hearing from my 10 yo twin girls about not having phones.  My girls think that every other student has a phone at school except them, which I know is not the case.  I personally think that parents have become more selfish and insecure than ever before.  These parents are constantly seeking their own reassurance and/or focusing on themselves instead of parenting and spending healthy interactive time with their kids.  Parents NEED to step-up and parent...positively and effectively guide their children they "chose" to bring into this world!  Parents need to communicate verbally and face-to-face with their kids, sit down and eat dinner each night as a family, clean house together, do yard work together, play non-competitive sports together, play board games, watch movies, volunteer for the less fortunate (military and elderly citizens), bake together, etc. and STOP giving kids everything they want, like phones that kids DON'T need. Parents that are divorced do NOT need to give their kids phones either. The parents need to GROW-UP and act like adults...share in the parenting responsibility for the benefit of the children as well as willingly sharing their phones with their child/children when the other parent is expected to call.  Parents NEED to stop the emotional abuse they inadvertently are exposing their child to by ignoring them while they play, text, or talk on their own stupid phone!  I am appalled at how many parents are at sporting events to watch their child play, yet spend more time on their cell phone than watching their child!  This is the weekly occurrence at my daughters’ gymnastics practices as well.  Parents really need to recognize that their life is no longer about themselves the moment they choose to have that child.  Their number once focus shifts to the well-being and best interests of their child.  Back to my point.... schools, teachers, administrators, coaches, counselors, and other parents of these jealous, insecure bullies are ALL responsible!  Further, the creators of these media sites:  Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., need to all be legally held accountable.  These social media sites are making a lot of money at the expense of so many young children... the unacceptable and relentless, hateful, jealous, bullying behavior they are subjected to, some even suicide.  Let's see greater accountability from the money mogul media sites as well!  Technology is our future... but respect, kindness, and values must be taught, enforced, and expected of everyone!  This begins with the parents!!  May Mallory's tragic and unacceptable bullying, create the changes that ALL parents, schools, busses, and social sites desperately need! Restaurants, movie theaters, sporting events, etc. would do well to enforce a phone change!   "Mallory's Movement"...NO PHONE ZONES!
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Oct 22, 2017