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The Cute Dogs Who Love to Take Selfies
"I adopted a dog from Puerto Rico in May of 2016, which are commonly referred to as Satos and are usually small to medium sized dogs with outrageous ears. Zoey is no exception. She's the dog sporting the best selfie ever tagline. Once we started teaching her to shake I was smitten with those incredible eyes and crazy ears and my wheels started turning. I taught her to hold that shake behavior as I moved my hand around so that I could position it where I wanted to in order to create the very first selfie dog image. I then started thinking maybe I could create the same look with other dogs, so long as they knew how to shake. Sure enough, it's possible! It does take a few minutes to solidify their shake behavior on-site and get them used to the camera being so close to their face as well as lighting at times. My previous career was as a zoological animal trainer though so this usually doesn't take too long to get my doggie model on board!"

Credit: Nicole Begley Photography
2,373 views Oct 23, 2017

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