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Mom Asked Dad To Do One Simple Thing. When She Realizes What He's Done...She Snaps This Picture!

When Cade walked in with his 2-year-old daughter, he told Ashlie that their adorable toddler was still asleep from the ride in the car. Ashlie was busy washing up in the kitchen and quickly told him to “put her in the bed.” She’d wake her up and give her a bath when she was done with the dishes.

She didn’t think much of it…until she finished cleaning up and went to check on her daughter. When she walked into the room, she had to immediately leave so that her laughing wouldn’t wake the child up. She took this picture and shared it immediately.

She switched off the light and left her daughter to finish her nap before finding Cade. 

“Just put her in the bed.” He did exactly that.

She knew that she couldn’t really be mad about it because he’d done exactly what she’d asked…he’d just ended up skipping a few steps!

Other parents chimed in to say that they probably would have done the same, especially since the girl was only 2 years old! If she had woken up, that would have been the end of the nap!

At least nap time was a success.

Credits: Melvin Doo

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