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Abused Dog Is Scared of Everyone and Everything Except This Baby,
"From the moment Archie was born, he and Nora had a very special bond. Archie was an exceptionally calm and laid-back baby and I think Nora responded to that. She was always at my side while I nursed, held, changed or bathed Archie as an infant, just wanting to be near him. As he got a bit bigger she began to take naps with him. Only happy when the two of them were snuggled up together. We rescued Nora eight years ago from a Funds For Furry Friends, a foster-based rescue shelter in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. She arrived in rescue at 10 months of age, pregnant with a litter of pups. We chose her over one of the pups because she was absolutely pitiful looking. We've always preferred the more vulnerable animals. Nora was rescued from a puppy mill under deplorable conditions.

She was skin and bones when we first saw her, this despite being pregnant with a litter of pups. While she was a clearly very loving dog from the moment we met her, she was also terrified of everything and everyone. Thunderstorms, rain, fireworks, wind, motorcycles, strange men—all brought her (and continue to bring her) a great deal of fear. She's at her calmest when cuddled up with Archie. When Archie was an infant, he would frequently nurse then fall asleep on my bed. Within minutes Nora would arrive (if she wasn't already there) and gingerly cuddle up beside him (under my supervision, of course). Sometimes I would embellish the scene by adding stuffies or moving a limb or two around for fun. This tradition is still going on strong between them. We call Archie an animal whisperer because all of our pets gravitate toward him. We actually had the opportunity recently to adopt one of the pups that Nora had in rescue, eight years after she gave birth to her. Remington loves Archie about as much as Nora does and it's not uncommon for the three of them (plus a few cats) to take their afternoon nap together these days." :)

Credits: Elizabeth Spence
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