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This Awesome Little Girl Jordyn Johnson Is an Inspiration
This is Jordyn Johnson.
She's holding a letter she wrote to Steph Curry.

Jordyn lost her home in the fire in Santa Rosa.
And one of the only things she saved were her Steph Curry shoes.

Her's what Jordyn wrote:

Hi Steph,

My name is Jordyn Johnson and I am nine years old.
I play basketball for North Bay Elite in Sant Rosa.
When I grow up I want to be in the WNBA as a point guard.

I watch you on TV and I learn a lot from you.
My mom has video of me at NBBA Camp dribbling two basketballs at once.

You inspire me to keep getting better.
You and KD are my favorite players.

Last week my house burned down in the Santa Rosa fire and one of the only things I saved were my Currys.
They make me play better.
And they have your signature on the side.

Thank you for inspiring so many kids like me.

Good luck this year.
Hope you and the Warriors win the championship again.

Jordyn Johnson
Santa Rosa

I hope that at some point Steph Curry gets to see this.
I'm sure he would be touched.

Plus the Warriors are GREAT at giving back to the community.

Jordyn's mom says:

After the week & a half she has had, it would mean everything to her to get a reply.

This is a kid when asked to grab something while being evacuated from our burning neighborhood, took her Currys!

Credits: Donna Donohue Johnsen
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