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She Had To Leave Her Cat Behind To Brave The Fire Alone. When She Returned? Wow.
Laura Ringenberger got the call to evacuate after the kids had gone to bed. They knew that the fires were spreading, but had no idea just how close they had come to their home in Napa, California. She walked outside with her husband to find that the fires were visible across the street.

She sent her children off to safety with relatives who had been staying at her house, but couldn’t leave just yet. Her cat, Kitty Kitty Star, was still outside somewhere. Here husband went to check on their elderly neighbors before they left as well…but Kitty Kitty Star was nowhere to be found. Laura called out for a good 15 minutes before giving up and evacuating with her husband.
People have died in these fires,” she said.

She knew that they were life-threatening, and now her cat was missing.
She was walking back to the place her home had once stood when she happened by a reporter who gave her a ride to the lot. Laura wasn’t sure what she would find…she called out for her cat but feared the worst.

Then, from what was left of the tree line, she heard that faint, familiar meow.

Kitty Kitty Star had found a way to survive!
I haven’t even begun to wrap my head around the fact that we will be starting from scratch.” She wrote.

The story had a happy ending, and while the family lost everything, Laura was grateful that they had all survived.

Credits: Laura Ringenberger
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