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She Counted Her Savings, But Put It In A Bag Instead Of Her Piggy Bank. The Reason Broke Grandma's Heart.
When Sunshine dumped her savings onto the floor and began counting it, her grandmother, Jackie Sue Oelfke, didn’t think much of it. Minutes later, her granddaughter carefully loaded a plastic baggie with change instead of putting the coins back into her piggy bank and it caught her attention. When she asked why Sunshine was separating her coins, the answer was nearly too much to handle.

Sunshine explained that in order for students to get milk during snack time at school, their parents have to pay 45 cents per day. Sunshine’s friend didn’t get milk, and when she asked her friend why, Sunshine learned that the girl’s mother couldn’t afford it.

That’s when she broke into her piggy bank to see how much milk she could buy for her friend.
Oelfke was stunned and proud. Her selfless granddaughter was determined to help the students in her class, and she was determined to help Sunshine reach that goal.

My heart is so full of pride and love knowing in a world where there is so much hatred, there is a ray of Sunshine with a HUGE heart that at the age of 5 LOVES everyone and always wants to help .”

She shared the story on social media and invited people to donate to the students’ school to make sure that every child in Sunshine’s class could have milk. The campaign took off almost overnight, and after reaching their goal, has now soared over $8,000. Sunshine’s mission is complete, but now she is looking for new ways to help others and isn’t planning to stop anytime soon.

Credits: Jackie Sue Oelfke
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