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Teen Posts Selfie With His Mom. People Can’t Believe She’s Not His Twin!
The teenager from Texas decided to post a selfie on Twitter…but his mother is the one getting all of the compliments!

Apparently, there is a fountain of youth somewhere in Texas, and this mom dove right into it. After sharing this now-viral picture with his friends and fans, people want to know all of her secrets!

My mom is pushing 50 years old and still looks like my twin.” He wrote in the caption.

Don’t believe it? See for yourself.
He snapped the picture on a whim, but as the compliments and praise rolled in, he kept his mom up to date with the nice things that people were saying! Getting older is hard, but he reports that every time he shows her a new comment, she just can’t stop smiling! Whenever someone steps out of line, he is quick to respond and tell them to mind their manners. His mama taught him well!

Thousands of people made her day…all over a quick selfie that she took with her son before heading off to start her day! Even more people hope to see more kind stories like this one.
Credits: kg via twitter
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