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7-Year-Old Boy With Rare Cancer Receives Thousands Of Halloween Cards From Complete Strangers!
Brock Hardwick hadn’t been feeling very well. For two weeks in February, he had felt increasingly worse, and when he was taken to the hospital to find out why, they had grim news: a rare cancer was attacking his brain and spine. Diagnosed with glioblastoma, he would need to be treated right away.

After a surgery to remove a large tumor from his brain, doctors were shocked to discover that it had returned. While the child would continue receiving treatment, it wasn’t looking good.

In order to keep his spirits up, his parents reached out through social media for something that would help the boy keep on fighting. Since he loved Halloween, they decided to launch something special called “Brocktober” and asked their friends and family to send Halloween cards with jokes, messages, and stories to keep him occupied.

They expected around 100 cards. What came in the mail was astounding.Brock’s story spread far and wide, eventually reaching the other side of the world! The cards continued to pour in with heartfelt messages of support, sweets, gifts, toys, and prayers from all over the globe.
While he fights, reading the cards gives him the strength to keep fighting.
It had been hard, but he hasn’t given up. The support from his friends, family, and kind strangers around the globe have kept him going! Staying positive is just a little easier as the cards and well wishes continue to pour in!
Credits: Team Brock
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