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After Their Home Was Destroyed In A Fire, A Complete Stranger Stopped Them At The Check-Out Line
It sounded simple to go to Target to get necessities. Scott and I became overwhelmed by what was needed, what was lost, and what is ahead of us. With the notion that our home was our office, the property we manage on Riebli was destroyed, and Fountaingrove being out of commission for an unknown period of time; our income is paralyzed. Getting stuff at Target seemed frivolous with only the clothes on our back! Filling a cart and taking stuff out; back and forth. Luckily, our insurance company Farmers Insurance agent Robert Stroud, was a big help in getting a one week provision. Finally, we made it to the register. The woman behind me was staring with confusion and pity. I thought it was because we should let her go in front of us because she only had three things. As I am focused what’s in my cart, still making decisions, I hear her whisper to me, ‘Put it all up there. Get it all.’ She said, ˜Please its the least I can do. Long story short the kindness of this nameless woman picked up our entire bill of over $1000 dollars. The three of us cried a little at the register embraced, and wished each other well. Our story is just one of many of kind, and caring people who just made things a little easier. Day-by-day, one moment at a time, one small act of kindness at a time to all in this time of need...God bless you Santa Rosa community, friends and family!

Credits: Suzi Lackey
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