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Ellen Ticket Noification This is now a full fledged disaster.
This is now a full fledged disaster.

Major fires are burning in Napa and Sonoma Counties.
Thousands of people have been evacuated.
Many homes and businesses have been destroyed.

One of the fires is called the Tubbs Fire.
It’s burning in Northern Santa Rosa and has already consumed 35,000 and destroyed part of the neighborhood you see in these pictures.

David Shew is a Cal Fire spokesperson
He says:

“This is an incredibly fast-moving and dynamic fire.
We had real severe winds last night when this started.
So it burned very, very fast.
Our No. 1 priority was life safety.
“It’s just been a really rough night.
It’s going to be pretty significant.
There are some neighborhoods that got hit pretty hard with structures lost. ...
This is an ongoing situation that is not only going to last days but weeks.”

If you have pictures or personal stories or information for people who have been affected please post that in the comment section.

This is bad.
Really bad.

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