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Ellen Ticket Noification Two spectacular pictures of the Blue Angels.
Two spectacular pictures of the Blue Angels.
The first one was taken by Mike Oria last year.
The second one was taken by Jay Huang yesterday.

30 years ago I flew with the Blue Angels when I was working in Rhode Island.
It was awesome.

I’ll never forget the sound of the engine.
The whoosh as it fired up.
It was so loud.

Two things I remember about the cockpit.
The air conditioning was so crisp and cold.
I kept thinking that I wished the air conditioning in my car was that good.

And the second thing I remember was the red levers.
There were several of them around my seat.
The pilot, Ken Switzer, said:
“Whatever you do Frank, don’t touch the red levers.”

Those levers are for the ejection seat.
Needless to say my hands didn’t go anywhere them.

The flight was going great until Ken said:
“Frank I’m going to show you what it’s like to fly upside down for an extended period of time.”

He flipped the plane over.
And I knew I was in trouble.

I quickly said:
“Ken I think you need to level the plane off.”
And with that I threw up into one of the bags they give you just in case.

It was a bummer to end the flight like that.
But it was still one of the best days of my life.

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