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Ellen Ticket Noification Love your neighbor
Helping kids battle terror like Las Vegas
25 views Oct 7, 2017

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jodiplum 170 points
My 31 year old daughter and mother of 11 year old son, Micah, posted this today on FB.  I thought."That's it!"  that is the way to parent through all the terror and terrible in our world today.  Search out the hero stories and point them to that.  This gives them  examples to follow, people to look up to and and teaches them that even in the worst of circumstances if you look, really look you'll always find people that are AMAZING and SELFLESS and COURAGEOUS.  Youtube for content....genius!  I love her so.
"I came across this today. Yep, let's do it. In our home, we don't have cable so we don't watch the news (but we do read it
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Oct 7, 2017